The language school

The language school opened in October 2007.

An important part of the tourists that come to Nasca are French-speaking. Knowing French is thus an asset for local people, as tourism is developing more and more. Unfortunately, this language is only taught in Lima, at 8 hour of bus from Nasca!

Courses of French and English:
Objective: improve the foreign language teaching quality in the area
Public: guides, future guides, students, hostelling or restaurant staff, pilots, shopkeepers...
Implementation: courses of 6 hours weekly, with different levels – beginner, intermediate, advanced. Between 8 and 12 students per class.
Teachers: French-speaking and English-speaking teachers, including the President of the Association.

The language school also offers Spanish courses for French-speaking people who wish to learn this language in total immersion.
As the principle of these courses is “immersion only”, they can also be accessible for non French-speaking people.

Spanish courses:
Objectives: learning Spanish in total immersion and know about Nasca and its region
Public: volunteers, tourists, students
Implementation: intensive and personalised courses of 4 hours per day, 6 days per week
Teachers: French, Spanish and Peruvian teachers, including the President of the Association
Price: S/.1440 (about €400/£350/$540) for two weeks of courses, and S/.240 (about €70/£55/$90) for the hostelling.